Dance And Technique Workshops
Absolute Beginner (2 or 3 hours) If your just starting out in belly dance, this workshop is for you. We will focus on foundational movements and ideas within the dance. You will leave with a basic belly dance vocabulary and understanding. We will also incorporate a short choreography that can be used outside of the workshop. New Dancer/Beginner

Layer Like You Mean It! (2 or 3 hours)Explore the vast possibilities of layering in this workshop! We will learn several useful layering techniques and combinations. I will break down how to layer effectively and how to make each movement noticeable and sharp or discrete and cheeky. Correct body posture and alignment will be stressed; as this is a key aspect in proper layering. Intermediate/Advanced
Total Rewind (2 or 3 hours)Back to basics! This workshop is designed for dancers who need a refresher. If you shy away from those basic moves or if you just need a foundation check, I recommend this workshop. We will approach familiar moves with specific muscular intent. The aim of this workshop is to refresh and refine. Intermediate/Advanced
Improve Your Improv (2 or 3 hours)If improvisation makes you shudder, this is your workshop! I'll breakdown the tricks, tips, and skill set needed for dynamic improv. We will learn how to spot rhythms in music quickly, “dance lightly”, incorporate the audience, and recall moves and combinations. Intermediate/Advanced
Sha-Sha-Shimmy! (2, 3, or 4 hours)*please bring water!* Get ready to glisten! This workshop incorporates shimmies, shimmies, and more shimmies. The goal here is to refine the various shimmies of the shoulders, chest, and hips. We will work with everything from fast shimmies to extremely slow shimmies that can add accent or emotion. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Basic Rhythms and Combinations (2, 3, or 4 hours)An introduction into basic Middle Eastern rhythms. This workshop will familiarize you with the rhythms you are most likely to hear (even in Arabic pop songs). We will learn to identify rhythms and a few handy combinations to go along with each. Beginner/Intermediate

Saidi Raqs (2 or 3 hours)Every belly dancer has to have a few good Saiidi steps up his/her sleeve. You will learn how to recognise the Saidi rhythm and how to insert movements into your dance that reflect the rhythm. We will also learn a complete Saidi choreography. Intermediate/Advanced

Moving and Zilling and Not Going Crazy (2 or 3 hours)Zilling is hard. Zilling and moving is extremely hard. Zilling and dancing is nearly impossible. In this workshop, you will learn how to zill and dance gracefully at the same time. Basic zill patterns will be taught with corresponding rhythmic patterns. Intermediate

Classic Golden Age Belly Dance (2 or 3 hours)Spend some time with the Belly Dance Greats. In this workshop we will introduce the Queens of the Golden Age of belly dance. We will learn what makes their style different from modern belly dance and how to incorporate golden age movements and charm into our dance. Intermediate/Advanced

Terrificly Tight Technique Without Looking Like a Robot  (2 or 3 hours)This workshop is designed to improve technique gracefully. You will introduced to combinations that display technique through a mask of ease. We will also address why it is so hard to obtain 'graceful technique'. Intermediate/Advanced

Body Break Down (2, 3, or 4 hours)*Please bring water!* From your head to your toes, we will fine tune every aspect and every muscle in your body as you dance. Everything has a place during belly dance and this workshop aims to put everything where it belongs. Proper alignment will be stressed as well as muscular awareness. Intermediate/Advanced

Belly Break Down ( 2 or 3 hours)*Please bring water!* Tummy isolations in overdrive! We will drill rolls, reverse rolls, flutters, pulsing flutters, pulses, vibrations, segmentation, tucks, and more. Learn how to incorporate your belly into belly dance! Intermediate/Advanced

Double Veil (2 hours)*Please bring two veils of any shape* In this workshop, you will learn the art of the double veil and how to perform gracefully with minimal dizziness. Intermediate/Advanced

Single Veil (2 hours)*Please bring a veil of any shape* This workshop will teach you how to dance with a veil. Learn tricks for quickly and gracefully getting out of entanglements, how to move with elegance across the floor, and fun ways to discard your veil. Beginner/Intermediate

Hand Picked Drills! (2, 3, or 4 hours)*Please bring water!* A unique workshop that will address whatever area you feel you need to drill! Each participant will select one move or movement set that they would like to drill. Each movement will be drilled and partnered with ideal combinations. Intermediate/Advanced

Oriental Ballet (2 or 3 hours)Learn how to add grace and elegance in a very Oriental way. This workshop will address what makes Raqs Shasrki and Belly Dance different from ballet, and how to incorporate grace without looking too much like a ballerina. Beginner/Intermediate

Sha'abi (2 or 3 hours)Enter the ridiculously fun world of Sha'abi! A brief historic introduction will be followed by immensely fun moves and a short choreography. We will address everything from chewing fake gum to hip flips! Intermediate/Advanced
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