Professional Workshops

Travel, Transitions, and Layers, Oh My! (2, 3, or 4 hours)Up your smooth in this workshop. We will focus on making your dance flow more professionally.

Critique, Critique (2, 3, or 4 hours)Learn how to be brutally honest with yourself. We will introduce methods of self-critique to improve on your dance. It is often said that we are our worst critics; in dance, this is a blessing. Learn how to watch yourself with intent and how to self correct bad habits on stage. There is also an optional participant critique (for the brave dancers!) where a short improv performed by each workshop participant will be critiqued and addressed. This workshop is designed for optimal growth and self awareness.

Dance What You Feel: Emotions and Personality (2 or 3 hours)Let your emotions pour onto your dance. This workshop will refine emotional connection in dance towards the music, yourself, and your audience. We will work on adding personality and individualism into your dance—aspects that make belly dance such a unique art form.

How To Teach So They Learn and Return (2 to 3 hours)For instructors, we will look at different teaching styles and techniques. We will also address how to teach in a way that will help students retain knowledge and want to learn more. A short survey will be given at the beginning of the workshop that will reveal your teaching style and ideal audience (intentional or not). We will also work on ways to vary your style to include a wider (or more narrow) range of students and skill levels.

Stage Umph! (2 to 3 hours)Own the stage! Learn how accents, personality, audience, and facial awareness can refine your performance and leave your audience feeling completely entranced by your authority.

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 Kanika is based in Manchester, UK